I’m Joe Cianciotto and welcome to my site! Just to give my readers a brief background, I’m a San Francisco Bay Area-based architect and movie buff. I’ve been fascinated by the artistry of spaces for as long as I can remember and was inspired to take on an architectural career after seeing the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. My primary aesthetic influences are modernism, postmodernism, and neo-futurism. I’m a longtime fan of superheroes and classic films. My taste in movies is broad and encompasses both superhero blockbusters and indie films. Besides the arts of cinema and architecture, I also like staying updated on the latest developments in consumer electronics. I’m particularly fond of high-resolution cameras and drones. I guess you could say that I live for buildings, gadgets, and blockbusters!

Expect articles on architecture, the latest gadgets, and maybe even some reviews on my favorite blockbusters at the moment. I especially love doing architectural features. Being an architect myself, I tend to view things a bit differently. I love showing the beauty in ordinary spaces and places. There can be so much to appreciate if we put a different eye to it. As much as I’m drawn to the modern aesthetic, I still appreciate the classics every now and then. Nothing beats a well-made building over the flimsy, modern ones that are being constructed today. My love for gadgets happens to tie in with my love for architecture; I can use the drones to take spectacular pictures of any building I’m working on! In fact, the advent of technology has produced a lot of advances in architecture as well. Designing homes has never been easier with automated tools and design programs.

Another thing I’m most interested in is my love for movies. Though I do have a wide range of movie tastes, I tend to prefer superhero movies the most. The action, the fight scenes, the gadgets—it’s a geek’s dream true! I’ll be sharing my critique of my favorite movies as well as up and coming releases, like Star Wars Rogue One. Lastly, how can I forget the Bay Area?! I love living here and would gladly share tips on places to see and things to do here. The Bay Area is definitely a great place to live! Check back here regularly for my updates on my life.